I provide an exciting range of half day seminars and full day workshops that share valuable learning nuggets towards a better, more confident you. Feel free to scroll down and browse what awaits you!

Going Global With Cultural Intelligence

Build better relationships with citizens of the global village by speaking their “language.” In this workshop I analyse how cultures differ around the world, leading to the value of modifying your behaviour and style of communication when interacting with people from other lands.

Speaking on the Spot

How often are you stuck for words when put on the spot to speak up? Are you able to respond confidently and competently, or do you find yourself lost for words? During this interactive workshop I'll share useful tips and tricks to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Connect with Colours

Everyone has a preferred way of receiving and processing information. The Whole Brain Model divides these preferences into four main categories that are markedly different. In this talk I ""dissect" the brain into four quadrants, highlighting their differences via a colour code and how they can be leveraged for improved communication between people of different "colour."

Goal Oriented Retirement Planning

"Financially free" post retirement, means packaging your retirement capital and income with the type of lifestyle you want to enjoy. But how much is enough, and what kind of lifestyle really awaits you? In this seminar cum workshop I propose my proven fool proof way of achieving this objective.

The New Leaders Academy

The New Leaders Academy is a series of short seminars aimed at boosting the awareness of students about the value of great leadership and its components. On completion of the programme, school and university leavers will be able to implement the principles of sound leadership in their daily lives.