Keynote Adresses

My keynote addresses are speeches of 30 - 45 minutes duration, appropriate for most audiences. I have chosen topics that are enlightening and designed to motivate my audiences towards a more rewarding and happy life. I am available to deliver any of these at your next function, whether it is a corporate event, a club or association lunch or dinner function.

Communicating Across Cultures

In this keynote I explain how cultures differ, the value of "Cultural Intelligence" in business, and how it can be leveraged successfully when interacting with other cultures. This is aimed primarily at business people working in the global environment, but may also be of interest to world travelers.

Watch Your Back at Work

All too often we fail to take care of our backs in the proper way - final result? Acute and chronic back pain! In this keynote I share some lesser known tips on how to care for your back, not only in the workplace, but in everything you do.

Connect With Colours

We all have a preferred way of receiving and processing information. When messages are transmitted in a manner that is aligned with the receiver's thinking preference the better the "connection." In this keynote I "dissect" the human brain and categorise these preferences into four "colours" You will learn about how these differ from person to person, using them to become a better communicator and achieve greater co-operation.

Bounce Back From Adversity

We are all faced with challenges that arise from time to time. Hopefully they are small and short lived. But how do you cope when they are not? How do you remain resilient during tough uncertain times? In this talk I provide inspiring ideas on how to survive the "Tough Times College."

Goal Oriented Retirement

Becoming "Financially Free" after retirement, means aligning your retirement capital and income with the type of lifestyle you strive for. But how much is enough, and what kind of lifestyle really awaits you? In this talk I present my proven fool proof way of achieving a happy, balanced and financially secure lifestyle during your golden years.